Coronavirus And How To Use Worldometers For It

The coronavirus is a virus that affects mammals, as well as birds. They mainly affect the breathing system of the organisms and make it difficult for them to breathe correctly. But the infection varies from mild to moderate to severe.

In mild cases, humans mostly have a common cold and symptoms of fever and cough, but it gets severe in the latter stages and ultimately leads them to the ventilator and then death. This virus does not have any vaccine made for it, but it still safety measures that you can take. There are no antiviral drugs for this virus, but the antibiotics can treat the symptoms.

History: Coronavirus was foist identified in animals many years back, and then it was a few years after found in humans. Its first case was registered in China, and at that time, it was not taken too seriously, but later on, when it started to spread throughout the world, it’s been considered a pandemic in March 2020.

In the beginning, it brought fear to which people do not know how to deal with it, so after seeing that and reviewing the current situation, World Health Organization suggested going for lockdown on a global level.

This virus passed from one person to another through touch and saliva, so it was essential to keep social distancing to stop its spread. That is why most countries followed this suggestion and started to implement the prolonged lockdown solution.

It got worse after some time, and this sudden attack of the virus took too many lives. All the health departments failed to handle this situation, and it kept getting worse.

covid19 and how to use worldometer

Coronavirus’s signs and symptoms: There are quite a few signs and symptoms for coronavirus, and they all vary from person to person. It depends totally upon the person’s physical health, the age of the person, and the stamina that they have to fight against it. Some of the most common symptoms of coronavirus we will discuss below. These are:

Loss of smell: This symptom is thought to be the first symptom that appears in coronavirus patients. They start to lose their sense of smell and cannot differentiate between different scents in this condition.

Fever: Fever is also considered one of the few symptoms that appear right after being affected by the virus. It can fluctuate from 99 centigrade to 104 centigrade.

Coughing: It starts from dry coughing and gets worse within days and begins to move to your lungs and cause breathing problems.

Sore throat: Continuous coughing increases the risk of sore throat.

Breathing problems: In severe cases, people start to have breathing problems like shortness of breath and feeling of heaviness in the chest. This condition further leads the patient to artificial breathing via a ventilator.

Body aches: The patient starts to get body aches, and it ranges from headache to pain in the bones.

Conjunctivitis: The conjunctiva of the patients start to swell, and they get reddish in appearance. Signs and symptoms are easily managed in patients with a robust immune system, but they worsen people’s weak immunity. If you start to eat healthily and take vitamins along with some painkillers, then these signs and symptoms can get better in a few days. One other thing you can do is isolate yourself for about 14 days and save others from getting infected.

What is worldometers and how to use it for coronavirus: Worldometer analyzes, approves, and totals information from so many different sources in real-time and gives worldwide coronavirus live measurements for a broad group of people in other areas of the world. It makes it very easy for the world health organization to calculate the total number of coronavirus patients as soon as they get registered. They can warn the country which they think is lacking in taking precautionary measures and suggests them ideas to tackle their situation.

It gets complicated to calculate the larger number of patients individually, so the worldometer is of great help. It has made it very easy for the people to fight against the global spread of the virus by bringing it to their notice that which place is safe for them and which one is not.

How to use worldometers for coronavirus: There is a team that is working 24 hours a day and seven days a week which collects all the information related to coronavirus, including the number of patients that are registered, people who died because of this virus, and those who recovered from this virus in the past 24 hours. They process all the information that is collected, and then their team works on it. They do a complete analysis of different updates and then authentically process the data from almost 5000 various sources and this can help you to know how to use worldometers.

Under the team’s supervision, updated with recent news and details, they alert people when the information becomes official.  The announcement is made across the world, and people rely on this source of information.

You can help protect yourself from coronavirus by making small changes in your everyday life, such as washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask when you are going in public, using a hand sanitizer now, and then saving many lives that are related to you.

We can only get rid of this pandemic if every person joins hands and takes part in following the given precautions because this is not a single person’s job. We mutually have to fight against the virus and to protect the world from falling prey to it. Every person should be responsible so that it goes away as soon as possible.

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