Suddenly a virus came into existence from nowhere and put all the world under lockdown. But was that virus so sudden? Did it come from a bat in Wuhan? Or it existed in the world for many years? All these questions have a different answer when you ask other people. People have many superstitions about it, and you can get some completely irrelevant answers.

However, coronavirus history is not that small as you feel it to be. No, Coronavirus didn’t emerge in December 2019; it has a long timeline in the past from where it came.

Coronavirus history

In December 2019, Suddenly, Chinese authorities reported to the World Health Organization about a deadly virus that is causing severe breathing problems among the person coming in its contact. This mysterious virus name is 2019-nCoV initially and later renamed as SARS-CoV-2. Commonly it was known as Coronavirus and also COVID-19.

Coronavirus is named as a per shape and image as it looks; this because of the distinctive spikes found on the virus. As per virologists, the sun’s appearance is also considered to have these unprecedented spikes known as the corona. Coronavirus is a virus that was initially found in animals—the 1960s, where the first time a corona like a symptom is seen in a human. Coronavirus history started in the 1960s, but no one gave it any attention, the two viruses that identified were OC43 and 229E, but no attention was paid and treated as a nuisance.

The virus symptoms were common in children because the virus uses to have symptoms like stuffy nose, which is common among every growing child. However, in the next seven years of the 1960s, OC43 has caused much illness among the children worldwide, but it was quickly cure-able. The year 1986 of coronavirus history acclaims that there were rare a person or child who doesn’t have antibodies to fight the virus.

Coronavirus history and SARS

Coronavirus’s reputation changed when it came to SARS-CoV; when we compare the SARS from old OC43 and 229E, SARS was much more deadlier and requested the world to be serious about it. SARS took the life of about 10% of the population that was infected from it. It is still a mystery that from where did the SARS came and attacked the human race.

After getting SARS as an epidemic, the researchers came into action and started looking for other human-based Coronavirus.

In 2004 the researchers from Netherland acclaimed that they have found a Noval coronavirus that has its links from 229E infecting a child with pneumonia and four other people suffering from respiratory issues. The virus was named as NL63, which was also discovered in a hospital in New Haven.

 The coronavirus history, symptoms of NL63 were found in Hong Kong in a patient who was suffering from a cold. This time the virus was named HKU1, which was also reported in Australia, France, and the United States. The HKU1 also carries the same symptoms of coronavirus types. The question was also the same as from where it came?

No other cases reported for SARS CoV after the year 2004; however, MERS-CoV said in Saudi Arabia in 2012, which infected almost 2500 people and took the life of 35% of the total infected. MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus.

Noval Coronavirus 2019

Coronavirus history has brought us to the latest and the popular type of Coronavirus at present. COVID-19, which was reported in December 2019, is the deadliest virus among all other viruses types of coronavirus history. 37.4 million people infected from this, and it has also taken the lives of almost 1.08 million people across the world. COVID 19 was treated as a global pandemic that affected the whole world negatively. The virus has harmed the people in health and wealth both ground. Millions of people lost their jobs and business.

The United States Of America is the most affected country globally, with about 7.79 million cases in the country and among which almost 215 thousand people lost their lives.

In India, about 7.1 million people infected, and 109 thousand lost their lives after India. Brazil is on the third number, where about 5.09 million people are infected, and 150 thousand lost their lives.

Timeline of coronavirus history

History is always taught by referring to the timeline; in the same way, the coronavirus history also has a timeline of its emergence. Let us have a look over the coronavirus timeline:-

  • 1965 – researchers report a common cold illness in a boy and named the virus to be B814. The virus was unrelated to any other pre-existing virus in existence.
  • 1966- Dorothy Hamre and John Procknow describe the virus 229E.
  • 1967- the National institute of allergy and infectious disease develops a new virus by cultivating B814, which was named OC43.
  • 1968- researches were under process, and new results were on the way.
  • 2003- a new SARS type was reported, which began in late 2002. That case was reported in southern China.
  • 2004- NL63, by Netherland’s Medical Centre.
  • 2005- HKU1 in Hong Kong
  • 2012- MERS-CoV of Saudi Arabia
  • 2020- COVID-19 the outbreak of novel Coronavirus that shut the world around.


It is almost a year, and we still do not have a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Following are the suggestions that you can use to stay safe from the virus:-

  • Maintain proper social distancing when you step out. It is not like you will need to lock yourself in your house just when you step out; maintain at least 1-meter distance from others.
  • Use masks and sanitizers when going out of your house, and also wash your hands regularly.

By now, it is clear that coronavirus history is too vast, and we don’t have any vaccine till now, so better is to stay safe as much as you can!


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