Coronavirus is the new disease everyone fears of nowadays. Every other source in the offline world and the online world are spreading various covid-19 facts to spread awareness among the standard population regarding the coronavirus’s deadly spread. Every source that provides you information regarding the covid-19 clashes with each other in terms of providing information.

The information provided is sometimes the opposite of the information that flows through another source, making it challenging for the viewers. The clash in the covid-19 facts creates much confusion among the viewers and makes it hard for them to choose trustworthy. Many informational remedies of coronavirus spread worldwide and population, most of which almost all of them are a myth. Passing on such information that has no scientific proof can be harmful to the ordinary person.

To save you from deploying any wrong coronavirus information, we have stacked up some of the real covid-19 facts, which will clear all your doubts about the pandemic and help take proper safety measures you can save your self from the epidemic.


The Basic covid-19 facts

When the coronavirus started to spread worldwide, then the first question that arises in every person’s mind is from where this virus originated? The researchers devise that the COVID –19 virus appears from the Wuhan province of China from an animal market. They have confirmed that in December- 2019, a virus started to spread in Wuhan, and people thought it is a different strain of pneumonia.

 Later during medication, they don’t find any pneumonia vaccine working on the virus, and it is spreading from contact. The Chinese government says that the virus has originated from Wuhan’s animal market and found that it spread due to the bats. But some people say that it is a human-made virus that they have formed in the lab to spread this pandemic in the world. China’s government disagrees with this statement and around to the point that it originates from the market.

Facts Related To The Corona Virus Spread

The next thought that arises in the typical person’s mind is that what are the reasons why this coronavirus spread and converted into a pandemic, which is now almost out of control. So, let dive deep down into the coronavirus spreading facts and understand each of them in detail.

  • The first point is that we have to understand is that COVID-19 is a respiratory tract disease that directly affects your lungs. They enter your body through the nose and mouth and induces various changes in the body. 
  • The most common way through which the coronavirus enters your body through the respiratory droplet. Let us suppose that if a coronavirus, an infected person sneezes, the tiny droplets released along with that. If you inhale those droplets along with the air, then there are high chances that you can get the COVID-19 infection too.
  • If you touch a surface touched by the infected corona person in recent times, then the germs get transmitted to your body from the surface. These germs result in the coronavirus spread in your body. 
  • If you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with the infected hands, you can be severely affected by the coronavirus. 
  • Sharing the same surface with the coronavirus patient can lead to coronavirus, a spread to your body. 
  • Some people spread the covid-19 facts that the coronavirus spreads through food items, which is a myth. There is no proof for the saying, which leads to the consideration that it does not spread through the food.
  • The coronavirus lives on the surfaces like metal and plastics for up to 9 days. In the case of the glass items, this duration is less. The researchers derived this statement when they found the virus stayed for a more extended period of 17 days in the ship, which carried passengers on a three-day voyage.

These are the basic covid-19 facts that you must be aware. So now onwards, you must never trust a rumor regarding the corona spread.

Who is more prone to the infection?

Various covid-19 facts float in the market regarding the person having a risk of [getting coronavirus. Every person in the world is under the threat of getting infected due to this virus. Still, there is a range of people who are having a higher risk. These people are the:-

  • Travelers returning from a journey adds up to the pile of coronavirus cases across the world. Travelling exposes you to many circumstances you can not ignore, which may add some virus amounts in your body.
  • Small children below the age of 10 and adults above the age of 60 are also more prone to decreased immunity. 
  • People who are having an organ transplant are also at the risk of getting affected equally. 

Precautionary measures you must adopt.

There are many guidelines introduced by the WHO and governments of various countries that what ate the precautionary measure you must take like wearing a mask, avoid going out, keeps on sanitizing your hands, and many more. Along with these physical measures, you need to maintain a diet and keep yourself mentally healthy. If you don’t do so, then if the coronavirus will attack you, your mind must oppose it and should not be feared of it. It will help in the speedy recovery of the patient.


These are the basic covid-19 facts everyone must read to protect themselves from the coronavirus spread. If you think you are also highly prone to the virus spread, you should strictly follow all the precautions and trust only the real source facts.


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