From our home to offices wherever we go, the only subject we come over the most is the coronavirus and its spread. We live in a pacing world at a breakneck speed and have never seen a full stop, but the coronavirus has impacted everything. It has stopped the pace of our lives and has become a part of it lately. Everyone from a large businessman to an employee or a student is affected due to this pandemic.

We have to take various precautionary measures for saving ourselves from the deadly pandemic spread but do you know that this fatal coronavirus also operates in stages. Yes, there are five coronavirus stages that the researchers have devised. Let us discuss all the coronavirus’s five steps in detail and understand how you can save yourself from the deadly spread.


The Five coronavirus stages

Coronavirus is a small viral microorganism that is spreading out the covid-19 disease among the population. Its significant way of spreading is contact among two human beings. On the transmission of this virus in the past few months, it is clear that there are five different stages of this virus. The earlier stage is the least deadly, but if the place you live in reaches the virus’s last locations, it may become uncontrollable. The five different coronavirus stages are as follows:-

Stage 1- The Viral Appearance 

The coronavirus can import from one country from another country affected by the virus beforehand and the travelers. The infection only spreads to the places where the passengers are traveling. You will not observe any local transmission in the very first stage. The number of patients, in this case, is relatively low, and the virus is easily controlled in this coronavirus stage. 

Later in this stage, when travelers’ infection is not detected and spread out to their native places, this stage ends, and the new phase starts.


  • Stage 2- Local transmission


In this stage, the local transmission of the coronavirus stats to occur. The reason for staying at this stage is that the infected person traveling from some other country starts to dislocate and move to their places. Now all the people they meet will show the symptoms of the coronavirus and are prone to the risk of infected from this disease.

The numbers of cases start to rise in the second coronavirus stage, but they are still manageable. The situation never goes out of the hands in the second stage as the infected person can stop their mobility and isolate themselves from the outer world to prevent. Gatherings like parties and marriage functions can become a reason for this local transmission. If you want to stop your native corona spread at the second stage itself, you have to do it rapid testing and find the individuals infected with the virus as soon as possible.  


  • Stage 3- Community transmission


The third coronavirus stage is considered the start of the danger sign for a locality or a country. If a country enters into a community transmission stage, then the spread will get out of control. It becomes nearly impossible for the people to control the space in its third stage, and the number of cases starts to rise drastically. In this case, the outbreak of the virus is found in the clusters. The person traveling from any other country infests the people locally, and the people start to infect other people in other locality.


The main reason behind the third stage of this virus is that the infection starts to contact the random people who have never come into contact with a person suffering from the corona. This situation makes the tracking of the virus infections more complicated and eventually impossible. The only way to combat such a problem is to start testing every individual in your locality.


  • Stage 4- The epidemic stage


In stage four of this virus, the infection starts to spread in more and more clusters of populations. You will find that all around the country, several groups of conditions are formed. When this situation comes in front of a country, then the disease is declared as an epidemic. In this situation, everyone should stay indoors; otherwise, they will be risking their lives to the coronavirus.


  • Stage 5- The Decline Stage


In this coronavirus stage, the virus transmission starts to decline. The number of cases that a country observes in phase four starts to decrease, and people begin to recover from the infection. In this stage, the virus’s power reduces, and the country’s immunity boosts up and makes itself ready to fight against the deadly virus. When both the situation is against the spread, then the number of cases starts to decline. You will also notice one thing that the people recovering from the virus surpass the number of people getting infected. It will lead to a decrease in the number of active cases in your country.


Why countries enter from one to other coronavirus stages?


When it is known to every country how they can control the virus in the earlier stages, they entered the later stages of the virus infection. The answer to this question is that sometimes the corona patients are asymptomatic, i.e., they don’t show any symptoms but are carrying the virus. Such people pass the standard barriers the governments have set to prove them fit. This way, they enter their locality and start transmitting the virus, which eventually joins the later coronavirus stages.  




So, these above mentioned are the five coronavirus stages observed by the researchers and field experts. To stop such widespread and save their countries from entering the later stages, the government took various measures like lockdown and social distancing. The government bans all social gatherings, and the only motive behind taking these steps is to save their people from such widespread. If you take care of all the government guidelines to keep you from the virus spread, you can easily protect yourself from this pandemic infection.


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