It’s been a long 2020, and it’s only Summer! COVID has worn us out, locked us indoors, closed the gyms, and had us reaching for Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, and just about everything on Postmates (eagerly waiting for our orders and secretly hoping the delivery guy was sexy). Sis, have you stepped on the scale? Are those jeans fitting too tight? Is that bikini a little to snug in the wrong places? It’s time to put down the snacks and feed your inner Savage. Here’s how to look like a snack and lose weight fast. 

Cut Out The Processed Foods/ Sugar

Ok, it’s easier said than done, but I’m going to need you to dump all of your favorite sugary and processed snacks. The oreos…got to go. The ice cream, bye Felicia. The Pizza, so long for now. You can still have tasty and filling meals that are loaded with hidden calories. Fill your fridge with greens, lean proteins, complex carbs (brown rice, wheat bread), healthy fats (avocado, turkey bacon), and the teeniest tiniest bit of cheat food to curb that craving, so you don’t binge. 

Set an Exercise Goal

You don’t need a gym to get a good workout in. After reading this article, head to Youtube type in “at home, work out,” and pick from the thousands of free at-home activities. Do two or three-week workout videos a week. Not a fan of Youtube? Head to the app store on your phone. There are so many free workout apps that can act as a guide to keep you moving and help you lose weight. Try Nike Training Club! Pro Tip: You don’t even need any equipment. 

Change up Your Routine 

Wake up, eat, couch, work, sleep, repeat. Sound familiar? It’s time to change up the routine! Wake up an hour early, put on your favorite workout gear, grab a cup of coffee, and go for a walk outside. Make a healthy breakfast, work from your home desk, take a healthy snack break, get your workout in, work on a new hobby (you’ve scrolled through Instagram long enough), then head to bed, and REPEAT!

Stay Consistent 

  1. It took four months of quarantine to put on that Quarantine 15 weight; it’s not going to come off in a week. Stay consistent. If you mess up, it’s ok; this is a new routine for you, not a temporary change. Think long term. Try on those jeans once a week, walk around the house in that bikini that wasn’t fitting right. Stay motivated, and stay confident.
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