Are you afraid of the word Positive? Or are you wondering that how can someone be cynical about the word Positive? But in recent times, you will be concerned if you get a Positive Coronavirus test back. Different organizations are unaware of their emergence from where did this deadly virus came. But this virus spreads at a speedy scale. With approximately around 37.4 million people infected by this virus globally, the virus has taken about 1.08 million lives. However, being so infectious, it is still a question of whether the virus is airborne or not?


Coronavirus is a deadly disease that can make a person ill, from a moderate to high illness level. In this disease, the infected person may suffer from a rise in temperature, coughing, sneezing, and body aches. The virus is much more severe and dangerous for senior citizens or the people of any age group who are suffering from other diseases such as diabetes, respiratory problems, and cancer. Such patients have low immunity, and their bodies can not fight with the virus with its full potential.

History of coronavirus

Coronavirus is not having a long history of its own and is considered a newly found virus on the planet earth. Chinese researchers found the first case of Noval Coronavirus in Wuhan city of China, where the person who was found corona positive had a link with the food market in Wuhan.

An infected person having a link in the market was something that requires urgent attention. The Wuhan’s market, where the first case was found, was a vet market and a wholesale one. At that place, animals were killed on the spot and were further sold to the buyers. Moreover, such sites are not so hygienic, and the virus can spread at a faster scale. Another thing that demands an answer is, what was the cause of that virus? Many people looked to a bat to be the carrier of the virus, but the market claims that they didn’t sell any Bat during the outbreak of the COVID.

Some markets also sell banned species of animals such as cobras, raccoons, and more. Chinese people enjoy eating animals; this Chinese habit not liked by many and a symbol of hatred against china.

Is Coronavirus airborne?

 Is coronavirus airborne? Does coronavirus spread through droplets? Do you have a chance to get infected by this virus? Many of you are having a lot of questions like this in your mind. No doubt, getting such items in your mind is also relevant. We will try to answer your questions.

Airborne or not: Airborne transmission refers to transferring disease viruses via small particulates that can travel through the air. Airborne transmission is entirely different from the respiratory. Respiratory transmissions happen when a person comes in contact with the virus droplets of an infected person. Respiratory droplets are heavier when compared to Airborne droplets; airborne droplets are lighter and dry. These are the airborne droplets’ features, which makes them easier to travel in the air and results in mass spreading of the disease.

But the question is of coronavirus being an airborne disease or not? It is difficult to say that the coronavirus is a completely airborne disease. Coronavirus mainly spreads through the water droplets that spread while an infected person coughs or sneezes. Coughing or sneezing can be through the virus in the atmosphere, but these droplets are heavy and fall on the surface.

It suggested to maintain social distancing in the public while traveling or to move out of your house. 

Coronavirus can spread shorter, and hence it is not the quality of the airborne disease.

Symptoms of a coronavirus positive person

A coronavirus positive person can have common problems that an average person with a fever can have; the primary symptoms that a coronavirus a positive person can have are:, common symptoms: fever, dry cough, and tiredness

Found in few: sore throat, aches, pain, conjunctivitis, loss of taste, loss of smell, rash skin, and discoloration of fingers or toes.

Some acute symptoms: heavy breathing, severe chest pain, and may also loss of speech.

No doubt which symptom you are suffering from normal, severe, or critically severe. If you are corona positive, you need to take some critical care and report to your nearest corona helpdesk.

People with mild symptoms can get proper treatment at home only. Still, people suffering from any other severe problem are requested to get admitted as they can seriously affect your health.

Overview of Coronavirus

Undoubtedly, studies are still under process to discover coronavirus’s basics; many people believe it to be an airborne disease, whereas some don’t even care about its existence. However, fighting corona is not easy; don’t take it as you don’t care. If you are careless for you, you are also getting careless for your family, community, and friends. Everyone’s life is equally important, and one needs to maintain the best precautions they can by following the guidelines given by all the organizations around them.

What to keep in mind?

  • Maintain at least a distance of 1 meter when you travel outside your house. Social distancing is the only way to stay away from this deadly virus. It will be almost a year in the coming December, but we are still not having any vaccine against it.
  • The use of masks is mandatory in some nations, but you should wear a show without restricting you when it comes to your safety. Some countries have different rules like a mandatory mask in a closed area but not in the open air; some private institutions have made it compulsory to wear a mask when entering their property.
  • Cleaning your hand from time to time can save you from the virus. In case you have come in contact with any of the positive coronavirus patients accidentally, but you were wearing a mask and was cleaning your hand from time to time. There are minimum possible chances that you will also get infected.

Finally, it is clear that disease spreading through respiratory droplets and airborne disease have a slight difference but needs a little care to prevent a person from it.


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