Japan to make a questionnaire for coronavirus online.

Japan Coronavirus did not give people and the Japanese government time to take advanced measures to counter it effectively and efficiently. Everybody knows that Japan is a country that is prone to tsunamis, typhoons, and earthquakes. The government is strong enough to face all these calamities. But the present situation did not give enough time to tackle it.

Japan coronavirus has hit the plans of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Mr. Prime Minister was expecting to host the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in July/August this year. Lavish arrangements made to make it the most spectacular event of the decade. The Japanese government has spent almost $26 billion for the preparation of the games.

It’s s expected that thousands of foreigners and Japanese would come to enjoy the Olympics. Now the question arises, is the situation going to be expected? Can Japan coronavirus be controlled? Can normalcy be restored till then? Is it safe to have the Olympics in Tokyo? Japan ranks fifth among the world’s most affected countries.
Chinese President Xi Jinping in April. The visit has postponed without a further announcement of fresh dates. This visit will strengthen their relations. No Chinese President has ever made a state visit to Japan since 2008. The meeting of these two leaders could prove a landmark in their bilateral engagements.

At present, there are 84,215 cases and 1578 deaths, with the recovery of 77,219. It’s believed that Japan Coronavirus started in January 2020. But the government proved to be slow to take action against it. In February, the situation turned serious with the arrival of cruise ship diamond Queen.

There was a shortage of masks and toilet papers. Sufficient testing equipment was not provided. Many believed that while people were suffering from the Japan coronavirus, Abe was busy in the preparation of Xi’s visit. Firstly, many people think that the government took Japan is known for the workaholic culture. People spend long hours in the office, work overtime, Work till late at night and go for dinner with them. The big companies realized that they could do work through the idea of remote working.

The abrupt and unexpected onset Of Japan coronavirus

Action quite late, like the closure of all the schools until the end of March, severe restrictions on the entry of thousands of Chinese and Korean travelers, closure of entertainment, amusement centers, and theme parks. Sports and music programs were canceled.

But all these measures took a toll on the economy. Non-entry for Chinese and Korean travelers hit tourism.

Japan is known for the workaholic culture. People spend long hours in the office, work overtime, Work till late at night and go for dinner with them. The big companies realized that they could do work through the idea of remote working.

The abrupt and unexpected onset Of Japan coronavirus destroyed the economy. There is a big challenge before the companies to handle the situations. In simple words, they have to protect the businesses as well as their workers too. The whole economy was shocked. In a survey of more than 10,000 Japanese companies, 63% confirmed that the Japanese coronavirus hurts businesses’ economy.

Secondly, people also believed that dealing with infectious diseases was not adequate to deal with Japan coronavirus.

But this is the one side of the coin. There is another section of people who have a different point of view. People believe that Japan Coronavirus has allowed them to work from home. This has given more time for their relationships to have a cordial atmosphere at home. They are of the view that Japan coronavirus strategy to deal with it is beyond any doubts. State emergency is set to end with very few new cases of coronavirus.

There are specific unanswered questions which gave doubts to people like:

Now, there is no restriction on peoples movement, and businesses are being openly operated. No high-tech apps are used to track down peoples moments. There are no center for Covid19 control. At present, Japan has tested a 0.2% population.

No doubt, there is a possibility of the severe second wave of Japan coronavirus. But now the government has fully geared up to deal with it. A survey found That there are 43 possible reasons like wearing a mask, lower obesity rate, early closure of schools, and work from home, which helped to control coronavirus. There is another substantial reason that Japan’s contact tracers, That came into action after detection of the first cases of infection. Japan has a powerful web of inbuilt public health centers, having more than 50,000 public health nurses. While countries like the UK, the US, and Italy were hiring and giving the training to contact tracers, Japan already began to tackle the disease.

Other countries, so The COVID-19 as someone else’s problem or they indulged in the blame game; Japan started working on it. The experts created easy to understand a message- Three C’s- closed spaces, crowded spaces, and close-contact settings.

They believe that social distancing may be successful, but it will hinder everyday social life.
But the two-point of views made us sit and think and rethink about Japan coronavirus. On one side, Prime Minister downplayed the pandemic’s seriousness, limiting testing and holding off from declaring a state of emergency; on the other side, tackling the COVID-19 very efficiently, limiting the death toll strengthening the economy. It is up to the reader to take a side or to have a third-person point of view.

We can’t only blame or appreciate the government for the spread or control of coronavirus. Covid-19 has been with us throughout the year, and till now, we all have adopted the lifestyle with masks, sanitizers, and much more. We can follow the government guidelines as they are made for our safety only and hope for the best.

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