Protecting your mental health from COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic restricted life to houses, practicing social distancing is favors staying mostly at home, decreasing social interactions and exercise. This affected mental and physical health of humans a lot. But in this pandemic, protecting mental and physical health is main thing. So we will discuss different ways to protect mental health from COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Take care of mental health
  • Reduction of stress
  • Dealing with anxiety state
  • Connection with friends
  • Sleep
  • Healthy diet
  • Continue to seek out mental health

Protecting your mental health from COVID-19


Take care of mental health

The first and foremost thing is to take care of mental health. Give sufficient time to yourself. Make connection with your feelings. Consider your feelings right for you. Like sometimes a person need someone for sharing problems going on. Make connection with that person, although physical contact can not be possible, you can find out connection ways through mobile phones or social media apps. This thing will make your mind fresh. Sometimes, man feels cravings for getting food, so go out and get food, but keeping the precautionary measures in mind is main thing.

Focusing on yourself and finding ways to utilize your time in a positive manner is the best thing. All this makes your mind fresh, and makes you mentally strong.

take care of mental health


Reduction of stress:

In the present Pandemic situation, restriction of life to homes makes life stressful. Some people, medical and paramedical staff, working as front-line, hectic routine and surging cases makes life more stressful. But this time needs a stress free life. So, if you are feeling stressful, or overwhelmed, consider this frustration and stress normal. Talking to your seniors about your frustration and getting better ways to get relief from stress.

Keep informed about all the precautionary measures, but keep least updated about the surging cases. News although keep updated about the cases, but has negative impact as they increase stress level. So, get less updates about news, may it be once or twice a day. This will release your stress. Secondly, keep yourself busy in positive activities, pay least heed to the surging pandemic, but practicing precautionary measures.

Make a routine, do more things that you enjoy more. Do exercise daily. Make a proper routine for rest and work. Keep up with personal hygiene. Keep yourself well nourished.

reduction of stress


Dealing with anxiety state:

Lockdown situation, closure of school, colleges and universities, closed markets, and a lot of deadlines every day, makes anxious. First understand that, all this is happening with not only you but also others. Take your anxiety normal and keeps your mind threatened about the situation and push you forward to follow precautionary measures. Understand the situation well. Such feelings are useful for the whole community.

Connection with friends:
The pandemic condition, restricted life to homes. Practicing social distancing, closure of educational institutes, markets and public gathering places (parks, hotels etc.) increased distances among people. Personal contacts, gatherings are not possible although but stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues is the basic need of time. This not only keeps our stress and anxiety state low, but also necessary for social circle. So, different ways are there to keep in touch, through social apps, phone calls etc. But staying in contact makes your mind fresh and relaxed. Dealing with problems, finding solution, getting in touch with the person to whom you feel relaxed after talking all these are important for protecting your mental health from COVID-19.

connection with friends



Adequate sleep is main thing for keeping mind fresh. You heal when you sleep. So, adequate sleep is necessary for not only metal health but also for physical health. Sleep allow body to boost your immunity. So at least 6-8 hours of sleep are necessary for a healthy life.

But all this doesn’t mean to make sleep the only habit. Take rest when you feel you need it. If you are lying on the bed with a mindset to sleep, and you are still awake after 15mins, just get up and do any other chores. While if you stare at the ceiling with a feeling that you will get sleep with this, in actual it is of no use If it takes more than 15mins, as it makes your mind to indulge in some other anxiety state. So despite of getting rid of stress and anxiety you will be having more.

Healthy diet

Diet is the main fuel of body. Healthy diet, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, is the basic need of body. Brain will work more efficiently with good nourishment status. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, meat, all these are good for health. Avoiding canned and processed food, avoiding junk food not only boosts the immune status of the body but also encourages mental status of a person.

Avoid over-eating. Stay hydrated. Follow a consistent meal plan rather than eating more in stress situation and taking meal break in other time. It is not a time for restrictive diet.

Continue to seek out mental health

Pandemic situation affected mental health a lot. If you feel that you really need some psychiatric therapy, go and follow the plan, but practice precautionary measures completely. If you are going with any of mental treatment, first make sure that you have sufficient medicines and you are following a proper medication plan and getting a proper follow up. Some psychiatrists now offer online sessions, (video sessions), in order to maintain social distancing. So give a proper time to that and stay mentally relaxed.


COVID-19 Pandemic, affected mental health a lot. Main thing is to have protected mental health despite of the condition. So, there are different ways. Taking care of mental health, reducing stress level to the lowest point, taking anxiety as a normal state and despite of getting worried think it as positive and make your mind busy in getting rid of the situation and practicing more the precautionary measures. Taking healthy diet, having adequate sleep, doing exercise, seek out proper mental health with its needed. All the need of the situation is how to deal with it rather than getting fear of it and making your health down. Social distancing doesn’t mean of getting social phobia and totally get cut off from the world. Keep contact by other means rather than personal contact. All these will protect your mental health from COVID-19.

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