Talking to your kids about coronavirus

COVID-19 pandemic surges day-by-day. People are getting sufficient awareness about the spreading disease. Many questions are arising the how to talk kids about coronavirus. Kids are in the learning phase of their life. They are not enough able to understand things as an adult can do. So some of the facts about dealing with kids about coronavirus talk, we are discussing here:

  • Elaborating COVID-19 properties
  • Teaching precautionary measures
  • Questions welcoming forum
  • Check if they are experiencing spreading stigma
  • Relief their stress and anxiety
  • Keep kids engaged, happy and learning

questions welcoming forum

Elaborating COVID-19 properties:

The first and foremost step you have to take is to tell your kids about:

  • What is COVID-19? Tell them that it is disease caused by germs (virus) named as coronavirus.
  • How it spread? Tell them that it spreads person to person, by air droplets, when the sneeze or cough. The virus enters the body when it is present on the hand of a person and person touches his hand to face, eyes or nose. The virus enters in the body and infects the lungs badly.
  • What are sign and symptoms of the disease? Tell them that a person may be asymptomatic carrier of the disease or a person having mild to moderate symptoms like flu, cough, fever, breathing difficulty, loss of sense of taste and smell. Person having severe symptoms related to breathing difficulties.
  • What healthy things they have to eat? Tell them to eat healthy diet. Avoid things by which they may feel unwell. Avoid over-eating. Stay hydrated. Take immunity booster diet.
  • Tell your kids that virus’ spread can be avoided by practicing social distancing. Maintaining a distance of 6feets is better to avoid spread of virus. Using face mask, proper hygiene and hand sanitizing should be practiced.

Teaching precautionary measures

Teach your kids about precautionary measures, as the only way to get rid of the spread is to follow precautionary measures properly.

  • Demonstrate proper hand washing to your kids. Drying hands after leaving the washrooms, proper sanitizing hands. Also teach them proper way to cover their cough or sneeze by a tissue paper of by flexed elbow. In case of covering with tissue paper, proper disposal of tissue paper and using hand sanitizer or proper hand washing after that.
  • Teach your kids to use face mask or face covering cloth when they are leaving the house or they are in a gathering.
  • Teach your kids to avoid handshake, maintain a distance of 6meters.

Questions welcoming forum

Be polite to your kids. They are facing an entirely interrogative situation. Always welcome their questions. Answer them properly in such a simple and effective manner. Your behavior with your kids is the main thing in this situation. You can also teach their questions by play different games, like you can play a game for social distancing in which tell them to stay at least 6feets apart and winner will be the one that maintains this distance for longer duration. In this way the kid can learn and enjoy the situation. Make yourself available for your kids all the time, keep an eye what your kid is watching on TV.



Check if they are experiencing spreading stigma

The corona virus outbreak has brought numerous reports about racial discrimination around the world. Tell your kids about coronavirus that it has nothing to do with your race, color, nationality or your school. It only affects who encounters the source by not practicing precautionary measures. It affects people of all nationally, color, race equally. So stop saying bullying. The only thing that everyone can do is to follow what the precautions are. The one who follows properly is safe despite of any discrimination.

Relief their stress and anxiety:

The spreading disease, lockdown situation, closed schools, daily news about the spread, all these things makes the kids more anxious. Stay at home, not seeing friends, not going outside for picnic and games, all these are entirely stressful situations for kids. So do something different by which they can feel relaxed by staying home and enjoy it. So all you can do is to bring yummy foods for your kids, give time properly to your child. Keep them busy in the things they are more interested. Teach them at home. Listen to what mental torture they are going through. Find a better solution for them. You can also make your kids connected to their friends through mobile phones or social media apps but keep an eye in case of over use or misuse.

Keep kids engaged, happy and learning

Keep your kids engaged in the things in which they are interested and are best for them. Like play games with them as these can make them busy and fresh. Teach them at home so that their time can be better utilized. Make them happy all the time. For this you can tell them those stories. Make them busy by giving some task and as a result providing them with prizes. All these activities will make them engaged in better way. Give them reward, praise them and encourage their positive activities. This boosts their learning skills and boosts mental status. Also they will start enjoying to stay at home, making a feel that house is not a jail for them but a place where they can better enjoy by staying safe.


Keep kids engaged, happy and learning


In the growing pandemic, interrogative era has been started on the other side. Many questions are arising. Kids are also having lots of difficulties and questions. So better way to talk to your kids is to firstly tell them about the spreading disease, all even and odds about the disease. Tell them precautionary measures also demonstrate these in front of them. Make their life stress free and anxiety-less. Keep them busy in the activities and make them happy. Teach them at home to avoid time wastage and proper utilization of time. Make healthy foods they like the most. Always keep yourself available for them and welcome their questions all the time. Be polite to them is the situation. Keep an eye on the activities they are busy in.

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