We live in a highly globalized world where many faulty lines in the system and economy are present in every country. No country in the world is perfect and has one or the other fault in its approach. Every time the states cover them up and don’t let it expose, but not this time and the reason behind it is a global pandemic. 

 The flaws can be rising in the inequality, concentration of rent prices, and the increasing debts. This year in 2020, due to the coronavirus’s spread, flaws in the economy that show up in front of the people, and lately, this has become the most significant economy fall worldwide. 

Facts say that trade worldwide during this global pandemic has decreased by more than 40%. It not only causes social damage but also damages the country at a substantial level. So, let us discuss in detail how this coronavirus has affected the country, and will they be able to get over this suffering?


How has the global pandemic affected a nation?

At the starting of the year 2020, the world has heard the name COVID-19 for the first time. The people considered it a type of pneumonia for the first time. Later on, they discover that the strain of virus present in this disease is different from the pneumonia virus and is fatal. Along with its destructive nature, it also shows its transmission from one human to the other human due to which the government has to take some significant steps to save the country. 

The steps taken by the government due to this global pandemic are as follows:-

  • The first thing that every government in this world has implied is an excellent lockdown. They have closed all the places in their countries that have the chance of gathering a crowd.
  • All the schools and colleges shut down due to the pandemic situation all over the world.
  • Only the offices which handle the essential work can open that too with half of the staff.
  • All the malls, religious places, and recreational houses are closed.
  • The government has imposed the rules that no one can gather more than five peoples at a place and that too with the social distancing.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask and carry a hand sanitizer along whenever you are going out of the house.
  • These are some of the essential steps that the government took amid the global pandemic.  Actions taken by the government for citizens’ safety, but it has shown some adverse and everlasting effects.
  • Due to the malls and shops’ closure, almost all the local businesses are shattered and near devastation.
  •  Offices are not in a running condition due to which many employees have lost their jobs. 
  • The students who cannot go to the school cannot get a proper education. 
  • Due to the global pandemic, the investments made by the people have decreased manifolds.
  • People cannot step out of their houses, which has induced many kinds of mental health issues in people worldwide.
  • The hospitality and tourism sector has suffered huge losses due to no one traveling amid the global pandemic.
  • The most affected strata of society are laborers and the daily wage workers. They don’t have any savings to survive through the lockdown.
  • Due to the lockdown, the GDP of every nation has seen a fall.
  • There is a shortage of products n the market due to increased consumption of endless supply.

These are the effects of the lockdown that the various countries have observed. Everyone has got a pushback due to this lockdown in the way of their growth and development.

Will The Country recover from this global pandemic?

We have seen how badly this global pandemic has affected everything, either personally or at a nation’s level. Everyone is equally stuck in the middle of this coronavirus and lockdown situations and thinking about when the conditions will get back to normal.

The simple answer to this is that all the country’s government is trying hard to get rid of this pandemic situation and has become a helping hand of their citizens. The hard work has started to come on the track. The only thing is that the definition of normal is now changed, and this is the new normal. The various thing we have observed that raise a hope in everybody’s mind that we can fight the virus and everything will be back to normal are:-

  • The employment rate, which has decreased during the lockdown, has affected fortune 500 companies but is slowly working its way back up. 
  • All the outdoor activities are allowed, but the only condition is the people visiting the place that needs to be less.
  • The students have started taking online lectures from their schools and colleges, decreasing their time and studies.
  • People have learned various ways to earn money, which are not easily or the least affected by the global pandemic.
  • The government has started to relax the lockdowns to help the people return to normal.


It is challenging to say that a country suffering from this global pandemic at a massive level will return to the old normal entirely and the time it will take. The only thing we can assure is that everyone in this world is adapting themselves to the new normal and has tried to live their lives happily and peacefully with the COVID-19. There is just one hope that every person in the world is having, and that is the invention of a working vaccine as soon as possible because it is the only way that can bring everyone to the old life.


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