Australia is guiding the nation on how to battle the coronavirus with a rapidly declining infection toll and minimal death rate-but; many of these promising results can be linked to good luck as well.

Massive western nations measure depth in thousands, and overall cases in tens of thousands, Australia has only passed fifty fatalities.
That mainly hails from a population of over 25 million and just about three months after the first Australian COVID-19 case was reported on 25th January.

While no person is declaring it as a victory, Australia is working hard to flatten the COVID curve and decreasing the majority of days since.
As of Thursday, it had 6089 cases Of Australian COVID-19, with a death toll off only 51-and 15 of those had been traced to an outbreak on the cruise ship Ruby Princess.

Nations like the United States 7, 654,572 cases with 214,934 deaths, and the United Kingdom 530, 113 with 42,445 deaths, have a hard time containing the coronavirus. Still, Australians May have found several of the secrets to battle Australian COVID-19.
Germany, which continues to be hailed for its great COVID-19 mortality rate, has recorded 307,119 cases with 9,635 deaths.

Australian Army has been deployed for the implementation of quarantine rules and guidelines for Australian COVID-19. All the travelers have been asked to go into self-isolation for 14 days. Soldiers are pictured looking forward to overseas passengers to turn up and send them for isolation.
Australia has conducted 31,978 for COVID-19 tests, Compared to 28,2074 in the United Kingdom, with a population of 67 million, 2.2 million tests in the United States, which has 328 million people.
Australian health professionals say that the infection rate continues to steady due to extensive testing, the tracing of carriers, self-isolation of those who are vulnerable and strictly enforced social distancing rules.

The number of infected individuals recorded in any country is constrained to how many of its carriers have tested COVID-19.
With a reliable active public health system, Australia has, by far, the most comprehensive COVID-19 testing regimes in the world.
Thirty-one thousand nine hundred seventy-eight tests have been conducted for Australian COVID-19.
Border closures and Australia’s choice to overlook the world health organization’s premature insistence there was no requirement to limit the traveling from and to China. Still, it acted as a shield to the country from the worst-case scenario.
Some failures have allowed cruise ship dogs and disgorge infected passengers, but the wins have surpassed those losses.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison thinks that Australian COVID-19 restrictions have prevented thousands of people from getting infected.
Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy says that they understand the tools they are using to work, and they will scale them up and down as needed, and so far, the preventive measures are working correctly.

While the crisis is considerably far from over, there are signs that it is detecting Australian COVID-19 much better than several other nations and delaying its spread.
Professor Tony Blakely, an epidemiologist and Public health medicine professional at Melbourne’s faculty, stated that Australia had done much better than expected.
Health experts say that the critical element to the steadying of infection in Australia happens to be extensive testing and strict social distancing rules.
An island continent that can merely be reached by long air or sea travels from the majority of The world, Australia needs to have a few natural benefits in fighting the pandemic.
Professor Blakely stated that control of Australian COVID-19 has a lot to do with the country’s geographic isolation.
The Australian visa who agrees with the federal government that they are tackling the crisis very well is 21%, and only 6% disagree.
A few Australian residents still believe that the worst phase is still yet to come over the next month or week.

The percentage of Australians who are scared of COVID-19 spread has dropped to 73%.
4 out of 5 Australians are ready to sacrifice several of their human rights if it helps avoid the spread of Australian COVID-19.
Australia’s self-isolation guidelines have been extended to going back from Iran on 29th February, South Korea on 5th March, and Italy on 11th March.
The rules were further extended to anybody entering the country on 15th March, and the nation’s border has been closed to all but residents and citizens from 20th March.
Australia has enforced rigid border controls with quite heavy penalties.

Social distancing rules started with the banning of gatherings of more than 500 people on 13th March. Premises, including pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, and places of worship, had been closed for everyone from 23rd March.

A week later, public gatherings had been restricted to 2 people. Australians could no longer leave home except for work, education, essential shopping, exercise, and compassionate or medical needs.
Professor Blakely stated that there had to be additional study two way the distant relative merits of lowering human connections in the workplace, facilities, and other public transport.
They are currently concerned that Australia had a more significant number of intensive care product admissions with 87 cases in contrast to 2 in New Zealand, which has a population of just under 5 million.

New Zealand has to be finding those mild and asymptomatic cases with much better success than Australia, and Australia has quite a good deal of diagnosed infected people.
Mr. Morrison warned the nation to hold the course since it had been too soon to decide whether the restrictions created the number of cases to lower quickly enough.
They have far stayed away from the countless thousands and even tens of a vast number of cases that could happen at this point.
But Australia is dealing quite well with COVID-19 as compared to other nations.

Other countries should follow such guidelines as Australia to battle COVID-19 much strongly. It is a battle that can only be won by the government and the residents’ support. If one backs off, we can lose the war.

Be safe and keep others safe!

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