Coronavirus is the most discussed word among the people all around the globe in the past few months. Every nation of the world is effect by this pandemic. It is a deadly virus that causes symptoms of fever and cough. This virus has become the fatal disease ever seen by this world and is not under control to date.

 It was first detected in Wuhan’s city in December 2019 when people started to think it is pneumonia but later, when they noticed that this disease spreads even from one person to the other. Then it is devised that the strain of this disease is different from the pneumonia virus, and it got the name coronavirusAfter China, this virus started to migrate with the people to other countries too, and in March, the World Health Organization has declared it a pandemic. Scientists have said that in China, this disease is said to be spread through bats. For the first time, people in Wuhan’s province have noticed this virus spread in Wuhan’s animal market, but there are no such proofs. 

Now the people are afraid of how this Coronavirus spreads so much that leads WHO to give it a pandemic title. So, lets us discuss what the causes that lead to infection in humans are.

Causes of coronavirus


According to the researchers, there are several reasons due to which Coronavirus can spread among ordinary people:-

  • The first reason for such a widespread of Coronavirus is human transmission. It is also co1nsidered as the most significant reason for this spread. If you have come in contact with a person suffering from COVID-19, then there are fair chances that you may also get diagnosed with this virus infection. Whenever a person touches a person who Has corona and then toches the nose, eyes, or mouth, the virus will enter your body. It is the main reason behind social distancing enforcement because you can’t get infected if you maintain a safe distance. 
  • Suppose a person touches a surface that an infected person has touched, then there are chances that the virus may incorporate on your hand and enter your body with food or water. That is why you are advised not to touch new surfaces and always sanitize your hands. 
  • Some scientists also declared that now Coronavirus has been spread all around the world in the air too. There are significantly fewer chances of this situation that a person gets infected by the virus through air transmission. 
  • The COVID-19 also spreads due to the infected droplets released from an infected person’s cough and sneeze. If you inhale such droplets from the air, then you will be suffering from the Coronavirus too. That is why it is highly advised that you should wear a mask when you are visiting outdoors. 

What are the diagnostic symptoms of Coronavirus?

If you think that you have the Coronavirus, you must look out for these diagnostic symptoms of COVID-19. If you find any such signs for a long time, you are suffering from Coronavirus. The symptoms are as follows:-

  •  Experts are saying for a long time that the incubation period of COVID is 14 days from the exposure. If you have caught the virus, then the first symptom you will notice is a high fever. The fever can also be regular, but it will be considered a Coronavirus symptom if you suffer from high fever from 5-6 daysIf you find yourself having a coughing issue for a long time, you must get yourself checked because there are chances that you would have came in contact with someone and caught this virus.
  • Tiredness is also a symptom of Coronavirus. Feeling tiredness once or twice is expected, but if you think you have this tiredness for over ten days, this can be a problem. It would be best if you got yourself checked for the virus.
  • Other common symptoms are headache, chest pain, pinkish eyes, sore throat, muscle pain, etc.
  • At the initial stage of Coronavirus, you will notice that you may lose your sensing power of tasting and smelling.

The biggest reason that corona has turned into a pandemic is that its symptoms are related to common cold and fever. When a person realizes that they may be having a coronavirus, they infect ten more people. It is known as community spread due to COVID-19.

Who is more likely to catch Coronavirus?

The risk of the Coronavirus is prevailing in all the sections in the society. It has caused a considerable amount of fatalities in the year 2020. Everyone is prone to catch this virus, but there are strata of people who are having more risk from Coronavirus:-

  • Small children, especially infants, are very much likely to catch the coronavirus infection because their immunity is weak and os in a development phase. Due to this reason, you should not allow your child to get exposed to the outer environment. 
  •  People who have crossed the age of 60 are also equally at risk as to the small infants. Thus, it is advised for both of the categories to never go out of their homes.
  • People with severe medical conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, anemia, cancer, and other chronic diseases are also having a significant risk of getting infected due to the Coronavirus. 
  • If a person had an organ implant in nearby past, they are also at risk of the COVID-19 virus because they are treated with a medication of decreasing immunity so that their body accepts the organ. Such people also need to take care of themselves and take all the precautions.





 Coronavirus is spreading at an exact amount among ordinary people by the various transmission methods discussed above. That is why you must take all the precautionary measures to protect yourself from the Coronavirus.


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