The number of Cases of covid19  in the U.S. was increasing day by day and continued to rise for many weeks and reach nearly half of the state have pushed the number of total cases to over 8 million people infected by a coronavirus.

 A population of over 200,000 plus have died due to coronavirus infection, and reports say that over tens of thousands of people are getting infected daily nationwide. Moreover, most Americans are infected by the coronavirus disease, but it is spreading through herd immunity. 

At the beginning of September, there was a downfall in the cases of COVID19, but they are up again. According to some coronavirus tracker universities, it reported that over 50,000 new Cases covid19 were recorded. If you look at the data U.S. has over 8,000,000 coronavirus cases and still counting with over 204,000 dead as the consequences of coronavirus.

  • The coronavirus numbers have grown near 20% in a week and moved over 43,000 new cases on average. The expert said that the United States would face another outbreak due to the flu’s upcoming season. Thus, it can lead to another lockdown in the United States before next year. Due to the rise in coronavirus daily cases, there is a real threat in the upcoming months. Moreover, the times reported that the larger number had been driven by the United States’ upper Midwest surge. 
  • The recent outbreaks have also hit the white house. More than 30 people, including first lady Melania Trump and Donald Trump, who work there or visited the white house, have been tested positive for the coronavirus. 
  • Though another area of concern is colleges, a recent study shows that students who have gathered in the United States colleges and universities generated an additional 3000 cases of covid19 per day in the middle of July and September. 
  • Moreover, a report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics in the last week state that the spreading of coronavirus in children went up considerably between April and September. They also added an increase of 14 % of new Cases covid19 in the past two weeks, yielding from schools reopening.
  • In general, the United States has over 7.5 million confirmed cases of covid19 since the beginning of the pandemic. 
  • Hospitalizations in the United States have almost 30,000, significantly below the 50,000 positive cases in late July, and increased from 25,000 according to the past two weeks’ reports.
  • Moreover, Cases covid19 is related to the death of people over 212,000. It depicts the number of places where viral illness has become the top third leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2020. The leading cause of death was that people were suffering from cancer and heart disease.
  • The daily coronavirus tracker of the New York Times depicts that 26 states are receiving higher numbers of cases without facing any fall. However, there is no state listed where you can see any decline but only higher cases. The Times reported that almost 15 states had a lower number of issues, but now they face a rise. And patients are increasing from in the other six countries also from the last week.
  • It is also seen that nine states were having a low number of cases and remain low. Moreover, a recent report stated that it received over 30,0000 people tested positive for novel coronavirus in the last week of the United States. However, it was 4% less as compared to the Cases covid19 in the previous week. It is reported that 21 states were getting an increase in new cases to continue for two weeks.
  • The news reported average testing of 935,000 people for covid-19 on the week’s last day broke the record. 
  • Also, the rate of Cases covid19 tests result fell by 5% this week; thus, the world health organization considered the situation more concerning. Though the coronavirus cases were decreasing for almost eight weeks and in the next week, it rises by 9 percent. In various states such as Idaho, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and lowa, goes up to 20 percent. Experts have considered the United States a highly prone place where new cases are getting over 40000 per day.
  • Where You Will Find Higher Cases Covid19
  • The Reuters graph depicts that over 33 states have new covid19 cases in the past weeks. When it comes to a percentage, new Hampshire expressed a tremendous increase in confirmed coronavirus cases of Covid19. It recorded that over 473 new positive tests were carried out in the last week, and there was 110 percent of coronavirus cases in the previous week. 
  • Whereas, new York is on the second number on the list of Cases covid19 and faced an increase of 102 percent. Though, there is still a need to get confirmation about the confirmed cases in the Midwestern states.
  • The Reuters graph enlisted South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin to have the newest cases per 100,000 occupants. Moreover, Indiana, Nebraska, and Lowa also report an increase in the number of covid19 cases.
  • Texas recorded over 33,696 new positive coronavirus cases, but they have also faced a decrease of 32 percent of covid19 cases. Whereas California was on the second state, 22,537 new cases of covid19 were reported. Though, there was a decrease of 4 percent from the last week. 
  • Though Wisconsin moved to third place by getting a hike of 15 percent, over 17,450 new covid19 cases, Florida was in third place, but Wisconsin surpasses by 1,555 new cases of covid19, thus showing a decrease of 5 percent and remained in the fourth place. However, Illinois was in the fifth place where over 13,561 new positive cases were detected. Thus It shows a decrease of 1 percent than the Cases covid19 recorded in the previous week. 

The information mentioned above will let you know about the United States condition during the pandemic of coronavirus. 


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